And Then Came the Light

Birth Story Part 3 - When Things Don't Go As Planned

In case you’re stumbling upon this story late in the game, click here to get up to speed. While still in the hospital, the infectious disease team was working hard to try and find the most effective combination of antibiotics to attack each of the different bacteria causing the infection in my lung – especially the E.coli. … [Read more…]

And the Story Continues…

Birth Story Part 2 - When Things Don't Go As Planned

For anyone who missed out on Part 1 of my story – click here to catch up. I was finally released from the hospital with, surprisingly, little instruction. 1) Follow up with my primary care doctor 2) Follow up with the lung specialist to ensure my body reabsorbed the remaining fluid as they expected and 3) ENJOY … [Read more…]

A Father’s Love

A Father's Love - Why Fathers Are Just As Important as Mothers

I’m sure we have all heard the saying “a daughter needs a father to be the standard against which she will judge all men.” And in honor of Father’s Day this weekend, let me tell ya, I have VERY high standards. I am a product of an amazing Dad. I am a product of a … [Read more…]

This Isn’t How I Planned It

My Birth Story - When Things Don't Go As Planned

For the sweet 9 months I carried my daughter, I heard story after story of what it would be like to become a mom. Stories of exhaustion, stories of middle of the night cries that could be soothed by cuddles and nursing, stories of not being able to put your baby down and not remembering … [Read more…]

Raising Little Girls

I remember my mom telling me that when she was pregnant with my brother and I, her mother asked “why would you bring children into this terrible world? Are you crazy?”. I used to think, “wow that is such an awful thing to say” but I totally get it now. The 80’s were a harsher … [Read more…]

One Day at a Time

When 24 Hours Aren't Enough - The Struggle of the Working Mom

Am I the only one with only 24 hours in a day?? Sadly, most days as of late, that’s how I feel. Where 9 of those are spent at work, 1 hour to just get myself ready for the day, 2 of those spent commuting to and from work, 8 sleeping (if I’m lucky)…which leaves 4. 4 … [Read more…]

Mom Blog: real struggles, real life

I’ve never been good with spoken words – just ask my husband. I’m one of those people that has a million thoughts, feelings and ideas in her head at any given second. But lacks any idea of how to actually express them, is full of feelings of fear that they will be rejected and constant … [Read more…]