Chasing Happiness

Chasing Happiness

I was the baby of my family. Having an older brother was great. I always had someone to protect me. I always had someone to fight with. I always had someone there to listen to me whine and complain. I always had someone there to make those good ole family vacations even better. I looked … [Read more…]

The Weight of Motherhood

The Weight of Motherhood

It all feels so heavy. The weight of being a mother; a parent.My daughter and I were in the bath tub, as we are every night. I scrubbed her little body; her adorable chubby arms. I washed her hair; stuck it up in a shampoo mohawk and we laughed like we always do. I lathered … [Read more…]

Overwhelmed Schedule. Underwhelmed Soul.

Living with an Overwhelmed Schedule and an Underwhelmed Soul

An overwhelmed schedule and an underwhelmed soul. Most days, this describes me perfectly. It aches me to say that. But this life, this hectic scheduled life of mine, that’s the consequence. A calendar so full…and a heart so empty. And the most terrible thing is, you wouldn’t look at my calendar and see anything note … [Read more…]

Take It Easy On Yourself

How You're Stealing Your Own Joy - And Why You Should Stop

The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God has to be the heart of a mother. But what makes our hearts so lovely also makes them so very fragile. So easily hurt. So easily discouraged. On good days our hearts are so full. The fullness spills over into confidence and optimism. But on the tough days, when … [Read more…]

One Day at a Time

When 24 Hours Aren't Enough - The Struggle of the Working Mom

Am I the only one with only 24 hours in a day?? Sadly, most days as of late, that’s how I feel. Where 9 of those are spent at work, 1 hour to just get myself ready for the day, 2 of those spent commuting to and from work, 8 sleeping (if I’m lucky)…which leaves 4. 4 … [Read more…]