All About Me

Hi, I’m Courtney. I have a beautiful, strong-willed 1 year old baby girl, a wonderful husband and a loyal pit bull. I am a first-time, full-time working mom. Accounting, spread sheets and journal entries by day. Diapers, baby dolls  and bed time stories by night. I commute to work – which gives me too much time to think. This blog is a product of those thoughts. The honest ones, the hard ones to say, the ones I cannot wait to share with the world and the ones I am often reluctant to. The ones that we all share.

I feel called to share my story; my struggle. Motherhood is such a miraculously beautiful journey. We’ve read all the books and we already know how special of a gift it is. But what those books don’t tell you about is the space between the joy.  The space that could swallow a mommy right up. A space that will suck her in with exhaustion, frustration and desperation. I will tell that story; one page at a time, one day at a time.

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