Chasing Happiness

I was the baby of my family. Having an older brother was great. I always had someone to protect me. I always had someone to fight with. I always had someone there to listen to me whine and complain. I always had someone there to make those good ole family vacations even better. I looked up to him; more than I think he will ever know. I watched everything he did. When he went to high school, when he started driving, when he starting dating, when he went to college. I wanted to be just like him. And it always kept me wanting time to fast forward. Time to speed up so that I could go to high school too. So that I could get my drivers license and go out with my friends too. I couldn’t wait to go away to college. Constantly just going through the motions until the next big milestone of life.

And sometimes I feel like the entire world must have had a big brother just like mine. The world’s big brother made those next big milestones look so cool that the world just focused on making it to them and counting down the days until it reached each of them. I remember being at my brother’s wedding. I was still in college, nowhere near ready for a day like that of my own but someone said to me, “Well I guess you’re next”. And from then on the world’s timeline for me didn’t stop. When I was dating my now husband, we were constantly asked about when we would take the leap; when would he finally put a ring on it. And once he finally did, it was as if that still wasn’t good enough. The first question out of everyone’s mouth then became “So when is the date?”. Once we said our “I do’s” and before we unpacked our honeymoon bags, it became “So when are they babies coming??”. And when the baby did come it was suddenly, “So are you thinking about #2 yet??”. And now that she is almost 2 years old; I don’t go anywhere without that question being asked. Over and over and over. At work, the grocery store, at the mall, family functions, church…you name it – it’s asked.

I’m guilty too. I find myself thinking ahead quite frequently. My Type A personality loves to try to plan out my life. It loves to try to predict and arrange those milestones. And when we live in a world that has become infected with the disease of not being content; we start to feel pressure. Really intense pressure. We start to feel like no matter what we do or achieve – we will some how never measure up to the expectations or standards of society. As if everyone’s life is to move in the same order or at the same pace.
This feeling of never being content; this disease, can be so dangerous. It can belittle where you’re currently at. It can make you think that you’re less. It can convince you that you’re behind “schedule”. You will start feeling not good enough, not successful enough. It will make you doubt. It can make you miss things. Really amazing things. Little things that may not matter or seem extraordinary right now.

God said no one is promised tomorrow. Or another single second really. So let’s stop. Let’s stop speeding through life, racing after the next big event/thing as if that’s the thing that’s finally going to complete our hearts. Let’s stop dismissing today, the present, as if it’s just another day in the way of getting what you think you’re missing. Let’s stop chasing happiness. Let it find us. Let it find you when you walk through the door after a long day at work to the dishes done. Let it find you in the laughter of your baby; no matter how many times you’ve heard the sound. Let happiness find you when you hit all the green lights on your way to work. When you discover a BOGO shoe sale while running errands. When you find a lonely piece of chocolate in your desk drawer. Let in find you in those quiet moments. Where you hit pause on life and look at all you have; all that you’ve accomplished.

Friends, moms, wives, women….take this challenge with me this week. I know we are all busy and overwhelmed. But stop. Take a few minutes each morning. Stop running. Stop chasing. And pray.
Dear God, I thank you for all the wonderful blessings you have given me. Thank you for the big blessings, and especially for those tiny blessings you give in the middle of a day when I least expect them. Forgive me for rushing past them. Forgive me for getting so caught up in this world and the pressures that it places on me. Draw me back to you. Allow my heart to be free. Free of guilt. Free of the pursuit of what I think will fulfill me. Allow me to rest in you. Allow me to focus on you, in everything I do. I know you have called me and made me, and set me apart for a purpose. I pray that I live out the purpose you have made me for – and not my own ideas. I want to pursue you. I want to chase you; the true source of happiness. Amen.”
This life….it is not a race. It’s not a contest or a game. It is not something that can be won. God’s timing is perfect. So let it be.


  1. Kristin

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I too need to sit still and just take in all if the blessings that the Lord has given to me TODAY!

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