Count It All Joy

Count It All Joy, My Friends

Grief is so often connected to the loss of a person, a loved one. One walk through a library or a book store and you’ll find an entire section devoted to books about grief and about how to deal with losing someone. I myself have lost 3 very, very important people to me in the … [Read more…]

And Then Came the Light

Birth Story Part 3 - When Things Don't Go As Planned

In case you’re stumbling upon this story late in the game, click here to get up to speed. While still in the hospital, the infectious disease team was working hard to try and find the most effective combination of antibiotics to attack each of the different bacteria causing the infection in my lung – especially the E.coli. … [Read more…]

And the Story Continues…

Birth Story Part 2 - When Things Don't Go As Planned

For anyone who missed out on Part 1 of my story – click here to catch up. I was finally released from the hospital with, surprisingly, little instruction. 1) Follow up with my primary care doctor 2) Follow up with the lung specialist to ensure my body reabsorbed the remaining fluid as they expected and 3) ENJOY … [Read more…]